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Research is a wonderful way to explore beneath the surface of the many dimensions of music making and composition.

Medical Research Project

TITLE; Surroundscapes™ Experiment
INSTITUTION: In conjunction with the Neuro Science Department of Newcastle University
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SUMMARY:‘Surroundscapes’ - ‘Surroundscapes’ are an audiovisual experience of original music and wilderness cinematography designed to be used in a range of therapeutic situations. They are produced using principles of ecopsychology (involving visual simulation of nature) and music therapy in a contemporary technological framework.

Surroundscapes are based on the premise that there are healing qualities to be found in nature and music.

In therapeutic contexts, if a patient is bed ridden and severely restricted in terms of their mobility and access to nature, an alternative way of experiencing nature is desirable. Surroundscapes provide a platform whereby pristine wilderness footage may be viewed on a screen (or virtual head-set) accompanied by original music from the comfort of a hospital bed.

The original music for Surroundscapes is based on the research I did for my master’s degree, ‘In Search of Contemporary Trance Music’. In this thesis and recorded work, I examined the specific characteristics employed in a range of contemporary music practices used in healing contexts.



In Search of Contemporary Trance Music

SUMMARY: 75,000 word thesis and a 50 minute music composition and recording. I was interested to explore whether an authentic experience of trance ( as seen in traditional tribal settings) is occurring in contemporary music practices. After four years of exploration into this field I discovered that the principles of intention of the participants, composer and environment to embark on a journey provides the fundamental imperative for the condition of transce to occur. There are of course certain musical characteristics that are required - repetition, drone, the golden mean and the spiral principle for example, to enhance the experience.

Download Thesis Document: "In Search of Contemporary Trance Music" (8.1MB PDF)