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Community Music Projects

The great thing about music is it goes beyond boundaries of race, colour and creed and has the ability to unite a people in a powerful way. These projects are just some of the ways I work with different community groups.

yantra wild zone

Club Wild - Community Engagement

SUPPORT ROLE: Music facilitator and composer

Club Wild workshops provide opportunities for people with special needs to participate in the creative arts practice. It helps them to express their life experiences through a culturally relevant medium. The workshops focussed on the development of lyric content, voice recording and sampling as a means to give voice to a group within our community that is rarely heard.

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SUMMARY: Choral arrangements, compositions and conducting are another important aspect of my life. I’ve worked with gospel singers, ethnic communities, disabled people, combined churches, massai tribes, Vanuatu villagers and circus performers. Basically anywhere that my music takes me- I go. The feeling that is evoked by standing in the middle of a group of singers singing my compositions while I conduct them is perhaps one of the most exhilarating and privileged positions that I could be in. A recent project of mine was leading 'Our Kind of Heaven' a community based choir in Byron Bay, for whom I composed, arranged and conducted.


yantra club wild

Wild Zone - Working in Schools

SUPPORT ROLE: Music facilitator and composer

With the advent of modern music technology, it is now possible to go into the classroom with a relatively small and portable set up and create a basic recording studio situation in less than 30 minutes. Not only does this paradigm teach about the basics of modern music technology, but it also shows the ease and efficiency with which an artist can execute their craft.

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