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Yantra's performance career

I have performed at most leading venues around Australia including The Sydney Opera House, Adelaide Festival Centre and Melbourne’s Universal Theatre. I have been on many stages – anything from solo piano concerts, circus, dance and festivals to the Sydney Olympic games to performing with Do Re Mi, Deborah Conway, Robyn Archer, David Helfgott and Steven Cummings.



Performance with David Helfgott in an outdoor concert on the banks of the river at Riverview Guesthouse, Bangalow NSW.



One is a musical ensemble specifically designed for special events that require music to take the audience on a journey. This ensemble incorporates the latest in state of the art sound design with the powerful and haunting flavours of the sounds of India, the ancient Bansuri flute weaving amongst sanscrit mantras. 'One' have now released a CD entitled ‘Presence’ and is available on line and in stores. 'One' is Asakti Evans, Armando Ornano, and me.


An improvised concert in collaboration with Greg Sheehan and Leigh Carriage designed to accompany the Sculpture Garden at Thursday Plantation, Ballina NSW.



A concert with David Helfgott for the opening of the FEHVA visual arts festival.