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There is a sound that I have always heard deep inside, from a place somewhere between my hearing, mind, feelings and soul - and it is as if every composition that I create is an aspect of that one sound... This is what inspires me.


This is my latest recording of solo piano improvisations.


DOWNLOAD TRACK (MP3): Friday (4.08MB)
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Spirit of Place

This music was composed and recorded in the hills behind Byron Bay NSW and is designed around the use of the sounds of nature, birds of the rainforest. Soft grooves, and ambient trance bring together the inspiration from the elemental forces of nature.The intention of this music is transportation via the soundwave to other plateaus of consciousness in order to produce a feeling of well being and harmony.

DOWNLOAD TRACK (MP3): Forest (6.75MB)
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Hypnotic trance like grooves with sweeping ambient segues and driving rhythms. Omnipresence goes beyond boundaries of dance and trance into a journey of grooves and textures.

TRACK SAMPLE: Dance of Atlantis
DOWNLOAD TRACK (MP3): Dance of Atlantis (7.69MB)
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First Light

This is an electronic symphony in 4 movements which was composed for the First Light Millenium Celebrations held in Byron Bay, NSW on New Years Eve 2000. It was written as a dance theatre production, whose story was a journey through the history of humanity, depicting the eras of Earth, The Golden Age, Industrial Age and The Future.

DOWNLOAD TRACK (MP3): First Light (17.60MB)
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Acoustic improvisations with piano, oboe, cello and shakuhachi. A soothing and relaxing way to unfold into the sound of music which leads you into the quieter spaces within and without. Great for relaxation, healing and therapy.

DOWNLOAD TRACK (MP3): Morning (5.43MB)
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Music for Pictures

These are a selection of some my favourite pieces that I have composed for films. ‘Africa High and Wild’ brings the beats and voices of Africa fusing them into a western contemporary style. ‘Amazon, The Invisible People’ contains the haunting power of the Amazon forest weaving in vocals and chants, in the flavour of Deep Forest. ‘Tarkine the Forgotten Wilderness’ is a panoramic score, at times richly complex, and at others almost silent in its sense of space, depicting the power and spaciousness of the Australian wilderness.

TRACK SAMPLE: Africa on High & Wild
DOWNLOAD TRACK (MP3): Africa on High & Wild (1.97MB)
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An anthology of music fusing ethnic instrumentation, sounds of nature, beats, vocals and ambience. A sonic journey through plateaus of textures, with a world music / dance sound.

DOWNLOAD TRACK (MP3): Climbing (7.04MB)
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Ambitheatre is a fusion of beats, vocals, acoustic instrumentation and ambient soundscapes joining together to produce an exciting array of textures and sounds. Ethnic instrumentation weaves together with contemporary beats and sounds to create an adventurous style of groove orientated tracks. Not purely electronic, not purely acoustic, Ambitheatre is a sonic feast for the ears.

DOWNLOAD TRACK(MP3) (MP3): Earth (6.72MB)
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Evolution Journey

This is the music that I composed for my master's thesis, In Search of Contemporary Trance Music. It is designed around the Golden Mean and is based on the Sonata form. For more information about my thesis or to read it, go to Academia section/

DOWNLOAD TRACK (MP3): Imagery (5.21MB)
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One Presence

Presence is a journey where music meets devotion in a trance-like voyage of soundscapes, keyboards, ethnic instrumentation and vocals. It was recorded live at a Oneness Blessing Event in Byron Bay, Australia, 2007.
The ensemble incorporates the latest in state of the art sound design with the powerful and haunting flavours of the sounds of India, the ancient Bansuri flute weaving in amongst the Sanskrit mantras.

DOWNLOAD TRACK (MP3): One 5 (2.26MB)
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Beyond Language

A range of music composed for BBC projects combining ethnic instrumentation with contemporary beats and sensibilities. Instrumental sounds from Burma, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are weaved into this world tapestry.

TRACK SAMPLE: Bangladesh
DOWNLOAD TRACK (MP3): Bangladesh (4.81MB)
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This album showcases some of the recent musical projects produced at Labyrinth Studios by Yantra.

DOWNLOAD TRACK (MP3): Shivaya (5.59MB)
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