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Yantra de Vilder is an accomplished composer and sound artist. She has worked in film, televison, radio, advertising and the broader industry for over 20 years. Her eclectic blend of musical talents encompass composition, arranging, direction, conducting and performance. Yantra is a versatile and passoniate composer, collaborator and consultant.

"I sit here listening to the sound of the ocean nearby and looking into the canopy of trees outside my window, and feel fortunate to be living in such a beautiful place as Australia where I can draw inspiration from so many facets of nature – and then take that music out to the world through television, films and performance".
Yantra de Vilder


Music is the central theme in my life. It manifests in many forms via academic advancement, performance, multi media events and my original albums.


My commercial work includes all aspects of music making - composition, performance, conducting, directing & sound design.


My focus on supporting and enriching the industry has led me to share my knowledge through, seminars, research work, community projects and industry journalism.


Explore my music. Listen, download and buy my albums. Contact me for more samples and show reels.

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